A Forward From The Chronicles of The Lord Z

Greetings and Welcome Lords and Ladies to The Legendary 10 Seconds dedicated site to their Folk Rock,
"life and times of Richard 3rd" Concept albums.

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Lord Z's involvement in the project began with a request to play some keyboards on a few original songs written by Sir Ian of Churchward. One song being about Richard the 3rd ("Richard of York”).

Sir Ian was pleased with the Lords input on keyboards and mixing of the songs. and asked him if he would be interested in doing a Richard 3rd concept album. Lord Z  thought for a few seconds….Mellotron opportunity :-)…and agreed to play keyboards, mix and produce the new album called “Loyaulte Me Lie” ("Loyalty Binds Me”). 


After many favourable reviews Loyaulte Me Lie” was deemed a success. This led to the Lord being asked to work again on the second, third and fourth Albums. The Lord can be seen live with the Almost Acoustic line up and soon in 2017 the new Full Band


All music written by: Sir Ian of Churchward with some small help from The Lord :-) 
Lyrics by: Sir Ian of Churchward and Lady Elaine of Churchward.

Other much appreciated contributions
Lady Sandra Heath Wilson for all of the Tant le Desiree narratives and the song Herald's Lament on which she wrote most of the lyrics.
Lady Frances Quinn who wrote the Lyrics on The Boar Lay Slain and most of the lyrics for Middleham Castle on Christmas Eve.  
Sir Matthew Lewis who wrote, read and recorded his narratives for the Richard III album.

All non keyboard tracks recorded by: Sir Ian at Rock Lee Studios, Torquay, Devon.

All keyboards recorded by: Lord Z at Rainbow Starshine Studios, Torquay, Devon.

All tracks Mixed, Produced and Mastered at Rainbow Starshine Studio’s by Lord Zarquon.

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