Amazing Songs

Amazing Songs - © 2020 Richard III Records catalogue number R14

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Amazing Songs album information

  1. Old Family Photos - Memories of black and white family photos.
  2. I can see Much More - Noticing the large amount of local history in Torquay.
  3. God aid the Marshal - A song about Sir William Marshal the First Earl of Pembroke.
  4. Ye Olde Bouzouki Meets ye Olde Mellotron - Instrumental featuring a bouzouki and a mellotron.
  5. Love Dies - Composed in the mid 1980's after reading a short story written by Steve Honeywill.
  6. The Jameson Satellite - Based upon a 1930's science fiction story written by Neil R Jones.
  7. The Half Angel - Inspired after reading an article in the March 2020 Ricardian Bulletin.
  8. Lease on Your Heart - A song about a failed love affair.
  9. St Albans way - Wars of the Roses street names turned into a song.
  10. Driftwood - This song started off as a simple keyboard melody played by Jeremy Brimicombe.
  11. Wake up - You're dreaming again, you've been dreaming since I don't know when.
  12. C Scope 600 - A song about a metal detector.

Recorded by The Legendary Ten Seconds for Richard the Third Records in Torquay, Kingsteignton and Otherworld Studios Marldron.

Mixed and Produced by Lord Zarquon at Otherworld Studios.

All songs composed by Ian Churchward except:-

Old Family photos music composed by Graham Moores. 

God Aid the Marshal and Lease to Your Heart lyrics written by Ashley Mantle.

Ye Olde Bouzouki Meets ye Olde Mellotron composed by Ian Churchward and Phil Swann arranged by Lord Z

Driftwood lyrics written by Elaine Churchward and the music composed by Elaine Churchward, Jeremy. Brimicombe and Ian Churchward.

The minstrels of the Legendary Ten Seconds for the Amazing Songs album are

Ian Churchward vocals, guitars, mandola, mandolin, violin and keyboards

Graham Moores guitar on Old Family Photos

Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass guitar and drums

Guy Bolt vocals, drums, bass guitar and stylophone

Bridgit England vocals

Elaine Churchward vocals

Phil Swann bouzouki and guitar

Sam Swann bass guitar

Jules Jones vocals on God aid the Marshal

Rowan Curle backing vocals on Lease on Your Heart

Richard the Third Records catalogue number R14, August 2020

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