History Book - Part 1

History Book (Part 1) - © 2019 Richard III Records catalogue number R40

"I wish The Legendary 10 Seconds  had given me history lessons when I was at school!” (John Dike, Dickon Independent).

History Book Part 1 - A review of the Legendary Ten Seconds latest album by John Dike, Dickon Independent, issue 112, July 2019. The magazine of the Worcestershire branch of the Richard III Society.

I was very pleased to be asked to review the latest album from these Medieval Rockers of Torquay. It’s amazing how the Legendary Ten Seconds and their associated performers and composers can set history on fire with well interpreted music and lyrics. I wish they had given me history lessons when I was at school!

This time they have borrowed the keys to some Victorian time machine and taken us through the ether on a journey from 1066 to Bosworth and beyond.

Their arrangements and melodies are impressive with great variety ranging from the historically sombre to stimulating folk/rock and “get me up and dance” foot tappers.

It comes with a wide range of instrumentation including guitars, mandolin and mandola, ukulele, trumpet and mellotron ghosts (?) and a super range of voices.

The album starts with “Back in Time” where the scene is set with a nice melody to play when we are driving off in our time machine from the Ice Age to the start of the Dark Ages. “Beaufort Companye” I really liked, as it has a lively medieval feel to it, which would have got them all dancing in the Great Halls of the period and will surely have the same effect on the Beaufort Reenactment Group.

“Conqueror’s Prophecy” is more of a slow ballad with great guitars and haunting female voices. The “Marcher Freemen” is a fine instrumental which would be a great track for any suitable period movie and demonstrates Ian Churchward’s skill as a composer. We travel to The Battle of Hastings for “Senlac Ridge” and one in the eye for King Harold, and then on to Camelot for the “Green Knight”, a tale of Gawain, which is a pleasing arrangement with good support from the ladies of the band.

“The Treachery of Sir William Stanley” addresses the politics of the times and is another good foot tapper while “The King in the Car Park” with it’s nice arrangement and clever lyrics speaks of Richard III and how he achieved a long-stay space in a Leicester car park! Of course my favourite had to be “Who Layeth There” as it adds further mystery to the possible connection between Edward V and the Lord of the Manor, and Deer Parker, Sir John Evans, in my home village of Coldridge.

The vocals are ably sung by Ian and Elaine Churchward, Jules Jones, Jackie Hudson, Fleur Elliott and Pippa West.

Instrumentalists are Ian Churchward, Lord Zarquon, Rob Bright, Ashley Dyer, Pippa West and Lis Durham.

Once again the Legendary Ten Seconds and friends have really worked hard to blend music to accurate historical fact. Not many song writers can claim that!

We look forward with interest to the next production to emerge from their busy studios.

History Book was recorded 2017 & 2018 except King in the Car Park 2018 version recorded in 2013 and 2018. All songs composed by Ian Churchward except The Green Knight composed by Sandra Heath Wilson and Ian Churchward, The Conqueror's Prophecy composed by Ashley Mantle and Ian Churchward, Who Layeth There composed by John Dike and Ian Churchward and The King in the Car Park composed by Ian and Elaine Churchward.Recorded by Ian Churchward and Lord Zarquon in Torbay and mixed & produced by Lord Zarquon at Otherworld Studios.


Ian Churchward vocals, guitars, ukulele, mandolin and mandola

Lord Zarquon keyboards, mellotron ghosts, bass guitar and drums

Jules Jones vocals on The Green Knight and When They Came to Edinburgh

Jackie Hudson chorus vocal on Back in Time

Elaine Churchward backing vocal on The Conqueror's Prophecy and spoken words on Who Layeth There

Rob Bright lead guitar solo on When They Came to Edinburgh

Ashley Dyer trumpet on For the Harringtons

Fleur Elliott backing vocals on The Treachery of Sir William 

Pippa West backing vocal and tambourine on the Beaufort Companye

Lis Durham violin on The Beaufort Companye

Artwork created by Graham Moores.

Track list

  1. Back in Time ( a song covering the end of the ice age to the dark ages in England )
  2. The Green Knight ( a tale of Gawain )
  3. Senlac Ridge ( about the battle of Hastings in 1066 )
  4. The Conqueror's Prophecy ( a song about Henry I )
  5. The Lost Ring ( a song about medieval times )
  6. Marcher Freemen ( an instrumental )
  7. When They Came to Edinburgh ( the English campaign in Scotland in 1482 )
  8. For the Harringtons ( a song for the Harringtons who supported Richard III )
  9. The Treachery of Sir William ( a song of treachery in August 1485 )
  10. Who Layeth There ( the mystery of the Edward V stained glass window in Coldridge )
  11. The Beaufort Companye ( a song for the Beaufort reenactment group )
  12. The King in the car Park 2018 version ( CD bonus track )
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