Instrumental Legends

Instrumental Legends - © 2019 Richard III Records catalogue number R18

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Inspired by the life and times of Richard III

Release date 23rd September © 2019.

Dickon Independent | Issue 115

CD Review

Instrumental Legends CD By The Legendary Ten Seconds

I am still not sure how they do it but The Legendary Ten Seconds continue to turn out wonderful medieval music with a time travelling app that swings it into the present day and then swings you back again to those distant days of lusty kings and merry courts. The Legendary Ten Seconds were inspired by the life and times of Richard III which switched on the musical pen of Ian Churchward to create some wonderful music which in turn motivated a host of super musicians to contribute to the albums.

This album is purely instrumental, which in no way ignoring the obvious talents of the band’s singers, allows us to listen to the pure musicality of the compositions. What came to my mind was the suitability of much of this album for any film or theatre producer’s needs for perfect scores to illuminate their period productions.

“Plantagenet Pavane” takes us to boisterous drums and merry dancing in the Great Hall with the urge to Lords and Ladies to cast aside the chicken legs and parade the dance floor now! You just want to get up and dance!

And then to “Souvente me Souvene” with a hint of the Arabic as the dancers parade. “ Murrey and Blue” is a punchy number with a nice back melody and
“Confort et Liesse” has Rob Bright with his happy banjo coming to the fore.

“Fanfare for the King” applauds our noble Richard as he cometh, and shortly goeth, whilst “John Nesfield’s Retinue” is one to dance to with fancy slippers and a hint of Turkish Delight in the melody.

I particularly liked “King Richard’s Daughter” which has a subtle and reflective mood perfectly conveying the mysterious genealogy of Katherine and her disappearance from recorded history.

I think that The Legendary Ten Seconds are going from strength to strength and each album demonstrates their precise musical ability and Ian’s flair for composition.

I really enjoyed it!

John Dike December 2019 

A review by E. Paxon October 2019

The newest instalment of music from Ian Churchward and the Legendary Ten Seconds is out for all to enjoy.  As the title suggest, this album strictly features instrumental songs some of which we’ve heard on other albums, but there are a number of new compositions as well. 

The music is a collection of a variety of different sounds. From very rhythmic ones like “Lambeth MS474” and “Sunnes And Roses”, to dramatic sounding melodies that can be heard in “Mortimer Overture” to swaying melodies, ones like “Plantagenet Pavane” and “Contfort Et Liesse”, there is the eclectic sounding “Souvente Me Souvenne” or “John Nesfield’s Retunie”, but we also hear somewhat slower paced songs like “King Richard’s Daughter” and “Sans Charger”. Except for one all of the songs are newly created versions with a bonus of three completely new tunes – “Murrey and Blue”, “Tudor Time” and “Lady of the Rivers”.

These new songs are a perfect addition to this highly recommended collection. The first one “Murrey and Blue” seems to have a little bit of a slightly more modern touch to it, but that only shows the diversity of the music on this album. 

“Tudor Tune” features some of the several string instruments that Ian Churchward uses so efficiently. 

“Lady Of the Rivers” is quite intriguing with its watery sound effects and a pretty flowing melody. 

Conclusion – it’s great to have these instrumentals combined on one album. This new project has once again got an excellent mix of great sound and finely arranged music. The melodies created by Ian Churchward are beautiful and a pleasure to listen to in the car, at work or just relaxing while surrounded by a wonderful assortment of fine music. 

Track list

1 Plantagenet Pavane new 2019 version

2 Souvente me Souvene new 2019 version

3 Murrey and Blue previously unreleased

4 Confort et Liesse new 2019 version

5 Fanfare for the King new 2019 version

6 John Nesfield's Retinue new 2019 version

7 King Richard's Daughter new 2019 version

8 Lambeth MS474 new 2019 version

9 Mortimer Overture

10 Sans Charger new 2019 version

11 Sunnes and Roses new 2019 version

12 Tudor Tune previously unreleased

13 Lady of the Rivers previously unreleased


Ian Churchward playing guitar, bass, mandolin and mandola

Lord Zarquon playing the bass, the sounds of the mellotron, mini moog, piano, fender rhodes keyboards, harpsichord, alchemy, light machine and drums

Rob Bright playing lead guitar and banjo

Ashley Dyer playing the trumpet on Fanfare for the King

Guy Bolt playing the snare drum on Fanfare for the King

John Bessant playing the lap steel guitar on Lambeth MS474

Recorded in Torbay at Rock Lee, Rainbow Starshine and Otherworld studios from 2013 to 2019 Produced by Lord Z

© Rainbow Starshine Productions 2021 - Version 9.0.4 September 2021