Recorded, mixed and Produced by: Ian Churchward © 2010 Richard III Records catalogue number R07

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Produced by Ian Churchward © 2010

The album was recorded in 2010 and Elaine Churchward painted the album cover. At this time the music of the Legendary Ten Seconds was featured on quite a few independent podshows. There used to be a website where you could upload songs and podcasters could then select songs from this website for their shows. Unfortunately this website no longer exists and it has become much more difficult to get indie music featured on podshows. If a podshow played the songs of the Legendary Ten Seconds then Ian Churchward would write and record a jingle for that show. This is why the Podtastic album has  a podcast jingle at the end of every song. Ian Churchward  decided to make this old album available in digital format and it can now be heard via this website.

This was the last album to be recorded as the Legendary Ten Seconds before they started to record songs about Richard III. Ian did record some further songs after the Potastic album was finished but he never got around to doing anything with those songs until he decided to put them on another album called Good Fortune.

The sound quality of these albums isn't as good as the Ricardian albums, mainly because Lord Z only started helping with Ian's songs just before they started doing the Ricardian stuff. Lord Z is a wizard with recording songs and the albums have greatly improved since Ian and Lord Z formed their musical partnership.

PS The song called Dorchester Fair would later become York City Fair.

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