The Pagant of Torbay - Part 1

Torquay Pageant (Part 1) - © 2020 Richard III Records catalogue number R12

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  1. The Torquay Pageant Part One - inspired by a lecture at Torquay museum
  2. Torre Abbey - inspired after reading a book by Anne Born
  3. William of Orange - inspired after reading a book by Anne Born
  4. The Billy Ruffian - inspired after reading a book by David Cordingly
  5. Riots in Torquay - inspired after reading an article in the Beach Hut magazine
  6. Torre Station - inspired after reading a book by Anne Born
  7. The Wonderful Paignton Pudding - inspired from reading a book by Anne Born
  8. Patent 8294 - inspired after reading a book by Anne Born
  9. The Torquay Regatta - inspired from reading Agatha Christie's autobiography
  10. Buffalo Bill in Torquay - inspired after walking passed Torre Abbey
  11. Arnold's White Feather - inspired from reading a book by David Scott
  12. Agatha Heads off East - inspired after reading an article on the internet
  13. The Lady Cable - inspired from reading a book by David Scott
  14. The Funk Hole Myth - inspired after reading a book by David Scott
  15. The Theatre of Pain - inspired by a comment made by my friend Chris Donovan

Inspired by a David Hinchcliffe lecture at Torquay museum about the Torquay Pageant of 1924.

Produced and mixed by Lord Z at Otherworld Studios, Marldon Devon

Recorded in Torquay, Marldon, Kingsteignton and Madron.

All songs composed by Ian Churchward except tracks 1 & 9 composed by Elaine & Ian Churchward, and track 7 composed by Ian Churchward & Bridgit England.

Thank you to the following

Ian Churchward vocals, guitars, mellotron and mandola

Lord Zarquon mellotron and other keyboards, bass guitar, and drums

Bridgit England vocals, keyboards and violin

Phil Swann 6 and 12 string guitars, and slide guitar

Sam Swann bass guitar on tracks 4, 5 and 15

Guy Bolt drums on track 15

Elaine Churchward vocals

Illustration Graham Moores 

Richard the Third Records catalogue number R12


David Hinchliffe

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Great stories set to quality music.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 September 2020

History bored me stiff whilst I was at school, and for many years that opinion stayed with me. As I grew older I became more and more interested, but realised that history wasn't everybody's cup of tea. Thank heavens for the Legendary Ten Seconds, who use historical themes to inspire their work, and so make history not just interesting, but great fun too. Far from a recital of names and dates, there are fascinating people and events here - who can resist the larger than life antics of Isaac Singer. Other characters that step out of the past include William of Orange, Buffalo Bill and, of course, Agatha Christie.
This is original stuff, taking events from Torquay's past, creating intelligent lyrics that tell a story, and then setting them to modern music. Such an antidote to the banality and repetitiveness of so much that we hear. Ian Churchward has a great voice, and the music and arrangements are fresh and complement the lyrics perfectly. I particularly enjoyed the story of the Billy Ruffian, otherwise HMS Bellerophon upon which Napoleon Bonaparte awaited his fate in Torbay.
For anyone with an interest in Torquay, or if you just want to listen to good music that has a proper story to tell, this album is well worth your time and money !

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