Thrilling Blunder Stories

Thrilling Blunder Stories - © 2019 Richard III Records catalogue number R302

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Inspired by Weird Tales and Astounding Stories

Mixed and Produced by Lord Z

Release © 2019


1 The man who Evolved – the 1930's science fiction story by Edmond Hamilton turned into a song

2 Driverless Cars – a tale of woe at Bosworth field

3 The Fastest own Goal – Torquay United v Cambridge United 3rd January 1977

4 Sunshine in the Rain – a song about finding happiness after sadness

5 Jack the Ripper – a very nasty tale from Victorian England

6 The Music Hall war – the music hall strike of 1907

7 A Song About me – a comedy song about some of the likes and dislikes of Ian Churchward

8 The Great Edwardo – an imaginary Edwardian magician

9 Goodbye Mabo31 – a comedy song for the retirement of Malcolm Bowen

10 Knights of a King – a thrilling blunder story from the Wars of the Roses 

11 Teign Valley Jig – an instrumental composed by Phil Swann

12 Farewell Nico02 – a very short song for Nick Connors


Ian Churchward: Vocals, Guitars, Mellotron Ghosts, Keyboards, Mandola and Mandolin

Lord Zarquon: Mellotron Ghosts, Keyboards, Drums and Bass Guitar

Phil Swann: Guitars, Mandolin and Bouzouki

Guy Bolt: Backing Vocals, Drums and Bass Guitar

Ashley Dyer: Trumpet

Rowan Curle: Backing Vocals

Bridgit England: Backing Vocals

Jules Jones: Vocals on a Song About me

Elaine Churchward: Backing Vocals on the Music hall war

Tom Churchward: Harmonica on the Music Hall war

Violet Sheer Backing Vocals on the Knights of a King

Jackie Hudson: Backing Vocals on Driverless Cars

Fleur Elliot: Backing Vocals on the Man who Evolved

Martyn Hillstead: Bodhran on the Teign Valley instrumental

Thank you to Claire Gresham for recording the Irish man delivering the milk and papers for Goodbye Mabo31

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