Woeful Wonders and Stupendous Blunders


Recorded, mixed and Produced by: Ian Churchward © 2007 Richard III Records catalogue number R08

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Produced by Ian Churchward © 2007

This was one of the last albums to be recorded as the Legendary Ten Seconds before they started to record songs about Richard III. The sound quality of these albums isn't as good as the Ricardian albums, mainly because Lord Z only started helping with Ian's songs just before they started doing the Ricardian stuff. Lord Z is a wizard with recording songs and the albums have greatly improved since Ian and Lord Z formed their musical partnership.

Recorded from 2003 until 2007 at Rock Lee, Torquay. 

Artwork by Graham Moores

All music and lyrics composed by Ian Churchward except Fagends Toothpaste music composed by Guy Bolt and Stephen Spills his Curry composed by Steve Honeywill.

Ian Churchward vocals, guitars

Guy Bolt vocals, keyboards and drums 

Nigel Howells speaking 

Steve Honeywill vocals on Stephen Spills his Curr

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