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The Core Richard III Album Projects Minstrels
(Those who have recorded on every Richard III album and played live during this period )

Ian Churchward: Lead Vocals, Acoustic 6 and 12 String Guitars, Electric 6 and 12 String Guitars, Mandolin, Mandola and Bass Guitar.

The Lord Z: Mellotron ghosts (Nord Electro 3, GForce MTron Pro and Mellotronics M3000) Nord Electro 3 (Hammond B3) Minimoog Model D, Roland XP50, Bass guitar, Drum and Percussion programming.

Robert Shroud: Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Banjo.

Praise and thanks indeed be given unto our special session minstrels, who played, narrated and sung with grace on many chosen songs.

Rob, Ian and Lord Z live at The Summer Moon festival Devon

Richard III Album and Other "Legendary 10 Seconds" Projects Session Minstrels 


Anna Bolt: Lead Chorus Vocals on "Mortemer Castle”

Bridgit England: Lead Vocals

Camilla Joyce: backing vocals

Elaine of Churchward: Lead and Backing Vocals

Fleur Elliot: backing vocals on the "Mer de Mort" and "History Book” albums

Guy Bolt: Backing Vocals on "Moretemer Castle" and Snare Drum on "Fanfare for the King”

The Jingle Sisters: Backing Vocals on “By Hearsay”- "Tant Le Desiree”

Jules Jones : Backing Vocals on the "Mer de Mort" and "History Book" Albums, Lead Vocals on "Devon Roses" Album

Pippa West: Lead and Backing Vocals

Philip Helmore: Backing Vocals on" Battle of Barnet”- "Loyaulté me Lie”

Tom Churchward: Backing Vocals

Violet  Sheer: Lead and Backing


David Clifford

Sam Swann

Guy Bolt on "The Jameson Satellite"

Michael Middleton:  on "York City Fayre” - "Loyaulté me Lie”


Tom Churchward


Ashley Dyer


Martyn Hillstead  on "Acoustic album”

Guy Bolt on "Fanfare for the King” and "Theatre of Pain"


Phillip Swann: Slide and Acoustic

Guy Bolt: Guitar solo on "Strategies Well Planned"


Robert Blaikie:  on "York City Fayre” - "Loyaulté me Lie”

Phillip Swann


John (Boycie) Challis:  on "Mer de Mort"

Sandra Heath Wilson: on "Tant Le Desiree" CD Special Editio

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