Session Minstrels

Praise and thanks indeed be given unto our special session minstrels, who played, narrated and sung with grace on many chosen songs.

Lady Anna: lead chorus vocals on "Mortemer Castle"

Sir Robert Blaikie: mandolin on "York City Fayre” - "Loyaulté me Lie"

Master Guy Bolt: backing vocals on "Moretemer Castle" and snare drum on "Fanfare for the King"

John (Boycie) Challis: narrator on "Mer de Mort"

Lady Elaine of Churchward: lead and Backing Vocals

Master Tom Churchward: melodian and backing Vocals

Earl David Clifford: bass Guitar

Baron Ashley of Dyer: trumpets

Lady Fleur: backing vocals on the "Mer de Mort" and "History Book" albums

The Duke Philip of Helmore: backing vocals on" Battle of Barnet”- "Loyaulté me Lie"

The Jingle Sisters: backing vocals on “By Hearsay”- "Tant Le Desiree"

Lady Jules Jones : backing vocals on the "Mer de Mort" and "History Book" albums, lead vocals being recorded for the "Devon Roses" album

Lady Camilla of The House of Joyce: backing Vocals.

Lord Michael of Middleton: bass guitar "York City Fayre” - "Loyaulté me Lie"

Lady Violet of Sheer: lead and backing vocals

Dame Sandra Heath Wilson: narrator on "Tant Le Desiree" CD Special Edition

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