The Lord Z

zar summer bw

As well as playing and producing The Legendary 10 Seconds The Lord is also the keyboard and bass player with The Prophets of Zarquon. In a past life he was the founder member of Strange Red Earth. His musical influences are many  from The Moody Blues, Fields of The Nephilim, Enya to Hawkwind. (What a combination!) 

This should make him an ideal choice... (or so thought Sir Ian)? to; mix, arrange, play on and produce these albums.
Lord Zarquon loves all original music with real soul and atmosphere.

Note from The Lord: “I am very pleased and proud to have be part of these concept albums, that have allowed me the freedom to use lots of my Mellotron, Hammond and recently restored Mini Moog along with other retro keyboard sounds. I am now a proud wearer of the pewter boar of King Richard" 

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