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Ian's Blog 

3rd September 2023

3rd September 2023

I enjoyed a visit to Powderham castle today with the Devon and Cornwall branch of the Richard III Society.

27th August 2023

27th August 2023

As the Legendary Tern Seconds I have been rather busy over the last couple of weeks.  A Few days after the gig in Winwick I gave another talk at the Anchorage Hotel in Torquay about my songs. This was followed on 22nd August with the recording of an interview for a radio station in Sherborne, Dorset. On Friday evening my song called ‘Captain Richard Scott’ was included on the August episode of Devonstream hosted by Mitty James. You can hear my song at about 59 minutes towards the end of the show. Mitty James introduced the song by saying that it was about the trial of some US army soldiers in the South West of England during WW2 and that it was inspired by a book. I’ve previously mentioned on my blog that the book was written by Kate Werran about a US army mutiny in Launceston and the subsequent trial at Palace Avenue in Paignton.

20th August 2023

20th August 2023

On Tuesday the LTS performed, with a guest appearance from Lord Zarquon, a set of medieval themed songs in Winwick, Northamptonshire for the Harlaxton medieval symposium.

Set list for Winwick Manor 15th August 2023

THE HOUSE OF YORK Ian, Elaine and Mike


THE KING IN THE CAR PARK Ian, Elaine and Mike

SENLAC RIDGE Ian with Elaine on tambourine

ACT III, SCENE IV Ian and Mike and Elaine on tambourine

A WARWICK Ian and Elaine

CHARM AND GRACE Ian and Elaine



HOW DO YOU REBURY A KING Ian, Elaine and Mike


MER DE MORT Ian and Elaine 


THE YEAR OF THREE KINGS Ian, Elaine and Mike

THE GOLD IT FEELS SO COLD Ian, Elaine and Mike

13th August 2023

13th August 2023

My cousin Robert has sent me an email with some comments after listening to the Astounding Songs album:-

Hi Ian,

Here at last, some comments for Astounding Songs. I've been distracted recently thinning out my CD collection a bit, something I do periodically when I realise there are albums that I no longer really want to listen to. But I've been checking them out rather than listening to your albums! But I had a dentist appointment at lunchtime yesterday so had a quiet morning and generated these comments along the way.

I wouldn't say this was necessarily a favourite album but as usual there is something of interest here, and I am always interested to hear what is inspiring you! This album certainly contains quite a mix of songs with no particular theme.

1. Before The Golden Age - (new) - This one has grown on me. It's not a melody that instantly catches my ear but there is a lot going on which makes this an interesting song. There is a good beat, a nice bass line and some interesting guitars. The vocals are good and the lyrics make an interesting listen.

2. The Noble King - (new) - This is one of those gentle and pleasant songs. It has a nice melodic and relatively simple accompaniment which fits the song nicely. There is some nice guitar and strings which I like. The vocals are particularly good on this I think.

3. He Got It Wrong - (new) - Another song that is quite easy to listen to. It's not a song that particularly appeals to me but there is nothing wrong with it.

4. As Long As You Get Your Way - (previously on Chasing Chances) - I like the intro to this. A song with a good rhythm and beat. Some nice guitars and a really engaging guitar break, and the song plays out well too. Both the versions are good but this version sounds a bit more polished as you might expect, and Jules' vocal adds a nice touch.

5. The Semi-Acoustic Interlude - ( previously on The Musical Almanac) - When listening on the headphones you get a really good stereo effect. This is a nice pleasant instrumental which is a nice blend of the instruments used. I find it very easy to listen to. Again I like both versions but this version has a softer accompaniment to the guitar which I prefer.

6. Keep Us Free - (new) - This is one of those songs where the melody doesn't really appeal that much but I quite like the song, it is quite easy to listen to and there are some nice instruments supporting the stronger lead guitar. Obviously very relevant and carries an important message.

7. The Dispatch Rider - (new) - I'm a bit neutral on this one. I do like some of the instrumentals and it all fits together well to give a good overall effect, but again the melody doesn't catch my ear. But it definitely has some nice touches, and it's an interesting story and I like the sound effects.

8. Battle Of Jutland - (new) - I like the intro to this, and the song has a really good feel to it, very relevant to the subject. Again not so keen on the melody but there are some nice strings and guitar. Again the song is interesting with some nice sound effects and is a good story.

9. Omaha Beach - (new) - Not so keen on this one I'm afraid but it's another interesting historical song. Is the crime referred to the same incident as Mutiny in Launceston describes?

10. A Horseman Came Riding - (previously on The Musical Almanac/Jules Jones albums) - This song has appeared a few times recently. There are some nice guitars and the vocals are good, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it's not one of my favourites. This version is very similar to the Musical Almanac version but it sounds sharper, which may be due to the recording.

11. Platinum Jubilee - (new) - This is an

other one that isn't really my type of song.

12. The Valiant Squire - (new) - Another one I'm a bit neutral on. Again not really my type of song but there are some nice instrumental touches which I like and make the song worth listening to.

Best wishes,


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6th August 2023

6th August 2023

Lord Zarquon was ill with flu like symptoms so he missed a rehearsal.

(EDITOR NOTE: Send get well soon cards and money to Lord Zarquon C/O The Otherworld) 

Fortunately he is now feeling better and his Covid tests were negative. I have been rehearsing on a daily basis on my own and sometimes with Elaine. 

On Thursday evening, in Bishopsteignton I performed my song about the Battle of Hastings and Elaine sang on our song about the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville while I played the guitar. We also sang a version of the song called Mer de Mort. These songs are in the set list for next week.

30th July 2023

30th July 2023

I have been asked to perform a set of my medieval themed songs at Winwick Manor in Northamptonshire on 15th August. I am now rehearsing my songs with Lord Zarquon and Elaine. Here is a photo of Lord Z and his Memotron keyboard at one of the rehearsal’s in my basement.

IMG 20230725 174539 054

23rd July 2023

23rd July 2023

There are really great features about the Cornish and Devonian album on these websites:-

16th July 2023

16th July 2023

The Valiant Squires from the Astounding Songs album was included on the Strummers & Dreamers radio show number 505 which was on Cambridge 105 Radio played live via the website: and repeated on Blues and Roots Radio on Monday 3rd July 7-9pm and Wednesday 5th 9-11am UK time:

You can hear my song being played via at about 1 hour 14 minutes into the show.

And the song about the Siege of Plymouth from the Cornish and Devonian album was included on this radio show which you can hear at about 52 minutes

9th July 2023

9th July 2023

Here is a link to a special feature about my music on the Indie Music Discovery website which was published on 28th June 2023

Another blog mentions the Cornish and Devonian album released this month

You can hear my song about the siege of Plymouth during the 17th century English civil war on this radio show at about 1 hour 18 minutes from the beginning of the show

Here is a link to the Cornish and Devonian album on Musosoup

2nd July2023

2nd July 2023

I have recently enjoyed reading the latest novel written by David Scott. His new book is called The Seagulls Take Flight and it is an alternative history novel which features the town of Torquay during the Second World War. It follows on from his previous alternative history novel about Torquay called Operation Seagull. If anyone wants to obtain a copy of either of these books then they should contact David Scott via this email address

The Seagulls Take Flight FRONT COVER

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