15th April

15th April 2019

The highlight of the week was Saturday afternoon at Plainmoor with my friend Jerry Brimicombe witnessing Torquay United gaining automatic promotion from National League South. In the evening I went over to Shaldon with Elaine to see the Estuary Buoys playing some very good songs at the London Inn by the river Teign in Shaldon. I particularly liked their version of 'I Fought the Law’. 

This was followed the next evening when Lord Z came over to give me the finished recordings of two songs for the Devon Roses album. These are 'I Greet You Well' and 'Less Fortunate Than Fair'. The lyrics for the latter song were written by the author Sandra Heath Wilson and I originally envisaged this as a music hall type song. I hope Sandra likes the finished version of the song which is about one of the daughters of Edward IV and uses the title of her book about this daughter.

There are actually four different finished versions of 'I Greet You Well' with different bass on each one so that Lord Z could see which bass guitar was the best for recording and it seems to be the least likely second hand Encore! Not so nice to play because of crap action but sounds much better than the much more expensive and playable Fender squire Jazz bass guitar. 

Anyway not only is Lord Z a legendary keyboard mellotron maestro and Logic recording software expert, he is now an accomplished bass player! Lord Z is now in the process of trying to finish the recording of a song called 'Sanctuary' about the birth of Edward V. Work has also progressed on another song called 'Her Household Requires'. I think we now have nine completed songs for the 'Devon Roses' album. This includes 'Wife to the Kingmaker' which was inspired by the book of the same title by Sandra Heath Wilson. This very lovely lady has certainly given me lots of inspiration.

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