16th February 2020

16th February 2020

I've was asked by a friend for some more information about who contributed to the Podtastic album. 

Podtastic was mainly written and recorded by myself with Guy playing all of the drums. I played a little bit of percussion. 

One of my neighbours, Rob Blaikie, played some guitar on one track, the mandolin on Dorchester Fair, possibly bass on Nothing is Going Your Way, and he also played keyboards on one track. 

Dave Clifford of the Morrisons played bass on one track, Shoot the Moon, and Guy played bass on the remaining tracks. 

The harmonica on Can't Live Without you was played by someone called Simon Lane who was at school with Guy. 

There is even a very rare piece played and recorded by Roger Crompton at his house in Ellacombe, Torquay, of a tiny amount of electric guitar at the end of a song called Lose Control.

I think the best track on the album is the Travelling Medicine Show which has Guy's sister singing on it. Elaine wrote the lyrics. I had found a really interesting article about someone who lived in the USA in the late 19th century who had joined a travelling medicine show and I asked Elaine if she could write some lyrics for a song based upon the article. The only problem with the song is that it really ought to be sung by someone with a strong American accent. The lyrics for the song are superb and Elaine was really impressed with the tune that I made up to go with the lyrics. I wish I could remember the name of the person in the article that inspired the song and unfortunately I appear to have lost the magazine which contained the article.

Elaine also wrote really excellent lyrics for the song called Dorchester Fair and also sings with me on the recording. The lyrics were written first and I felt that I came up with another very strong tune to go with her excellent lyrics. Later on anther version of the song would appear on the Loyaulte me Lie album as York City Fair.

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