21st March 2021

21st March 2021

Have I previously mentioned the Semi Acoustic Almanac on this blog? I can't remember if I have. This has been mainly recorded with Phil Swann and Martyn Hillstead and follows on from the Acoustic Almanac as a separate project from the recordings with Lord Z. I guess it is a bit like Lord Z's Prophet's project (although the music is completely different in style) except that I'm using the LTS brand name for both of my musical ventures. Could be a bit confusing of course.

Photo of Semi Acoustic CDs

For the time being I have decided not to get any CDs duplicated for the Pageant of Torbay Part Two album as I want to see if I can sell the Torbay Pageant Part One CDs at local lectures provided we come out of lockdown in the summer. Depending on this I will then consider duplicating CDs for the Part Two album. I didn't really want to get CDs duplicated for the Semi Acoustic album but Phil Swann did and is paying half of the cost so if any one wants a CD please send me an email. Here is a link to a promotional video that I have made for this album


Also the Pageant of Torbay Part Two album is mentioned in the Torbay Weekly. Here is a link to it


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