22nd April 2019

22nd April 2019

On Monday 15th April I recorded a new guitar solo for an instrumental called 'Trinity'. I started recording this instrumental a few years ago but so far it's not been finished. Lord Z now wants to add a few more tunes to the proposed 'Instrumental Legends' album so perhaps we may be able to now finish the 'Trinity' instrumental. Anyway I felt inspired to go back to it and quickly worked out a guitar solo which I am quite pleased with.

The next day Jules Jones came over in the morning and I recorded her singing three songs. Two of the songs, 'Over my Shoulder' and 'Bone Cupboard' are for a CD she is going to give to her mother as a present for Easter. The third song is the most recent one that I have composed called 'The Duke of York's Wife'. In the evening I recorded some lead acoustic guitar for the song and the following evening I recorded myself playing an electric guitar solo on the same song.

Later in the week I managed to do some work on the revised edition of my book which I think I will publish after the Devon Roses album has been finished. I want to include all the lyrics for that album. This is what I have just written for part of the chapter about the Mer de Mort album.

Philip Hume wrote historical narratives to introduce the songs and we recorded the actor John Challis reading these. My wife had briefly met John at a flower festival at Powderham Castle where he had a stall signing copies of a new book he had written. That evening my wife told me about this and said that John's book was about the garden he had created at his house in the grounds of a former abbey. She couldn't remember the name of the abbey but said it began with the letter 'W'. I think she said that John Challis mad mentioned that it had something to do with the Mortimers and she told John that her husband was in the process of recording an album for the Mortimers. He then said that there was a Mortimer castle near his house. As soon as she told me this I said that it must be Wigmore. I then sent an email to Philip Hume about this and he replied telling me that John Challis was the patron of the Mortimer History Society! I asked if it would be possible to arrange for John to be recorded reading the narratives. To cut a long story short by happy chance we were able to do this when John visited the Palace theatre in Paignton, Torbay where he gave an especially amusing talk about his very interesting career as an actor, most notably as Boycie in Only Fools Horses. Lord Zarquon recorded John reading the narratives at the theatre in the afternoon before his show on Saturday 25th October 2018. 

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