23rd February 2020

 23rd February 2020

I've been thinking quite a bit about the way I go about recording my songs and the fact that I'm not in a band playing live music. 

In an ideal world I would be working with a dedicated drummer and bass player. 

As the Legendary Ten Seconds, I did try it for several years during which period there was an excellent performance at the Summer Moon festival in Kingsteignton. 

Unfortunately it was extremely difficult to find a drummer who was interested in my style of music and who wasn't already in another band. It was also very difficult to get gigs. When we did get the odd gig it was very time consuming and expensive . 

It was also very time consuming rehearsing and I ended up having two rehearsals a week because I couldn't get all of the same band members to attend the same rehearsal days. This meant that on one day I might rehearse with the bass player and then later on in the week I'd have a rehearsal with the lead guitar player. After being let down rather badly at a festival in August 2018 I decided to stop doing gigs and cancel rehearsing, and just concentrate on recording. 

Last year we recorded History Book Part One, Thrilling Blunder Stories, Devon Roses, released Instrumental Legends and recorded a comedy song with John Challis. Before that I was releasing a maximum of one album a year so on balance I think it was a good idea to scrap the gigs.

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