26th March 2019

Sir Ian and Lord Z have a lot of work to do

Lots of things happening for the LTS at the moment. Graham has finished the artwork for the 'History Book Part One' album and has also finished the cover for Part Two. I now need to get all the files submitted to CD Baby for the digital distribution and make a master CD so that the physical album CD's can be duplicated. 

Lord Zarquon has finished another song for the 'Devon Roses' album. This song is called 'Wife to the Kingmaker' with Elaine singing the lead vocal. This one was inspired by a book of the same title which was written by Sandra Heath Wilson. “Hear the scratching of the quill, the smell of hot wax to make the seal” are some of the lyrics and those words are in the first page of her book.

I am in the middle of writing another song, this one is about Richard III's mother. After and if I get this one finished then I am going to make a concerted effort to stop writing songs about Richard III. Perhaps I could get an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the person that has written the most songs about Richard III? I'd really like to record a science fiction concept album about some of my favourite stories that I read in a book called 'Before the Golden Age.' Would also like to make a comedy album but not sure if Lord Z would be able to cope with this!

Just before Lord Z came over to see me this morning, I recorded Elaine singing a small harmony vocal for a new song called 'Her Household Requires'. Pippa is singing the lead vocal on this one with Jules singing the main backing vocal. It's another one for the 'Devon Roses' album.

Loads to do, Lord Z has a long list and I've got a long list as well. Must try to remember to do some more work on the revised edition of my book. Lord Z tells me that Georgie has made a start on the artwork for the 'Devon Roses' album, We are going to dedicate it to the Devon & Cornwall branch of the Richard III Society as it's their 40th anniversary this year. We've completed the recording of about 6 songs for it, or maybe it's 7?, I don't know, there are so many songs flying about for various albums that I think I'm losing the plot”! Nearly forgot to mention another album called 'Instrumental Legends'. All the tunes have been recorded, mixed and mastered for it and Lord Z needs to create the album cover. I didn't like the first cover he made for it because I looked fat in the photo.

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