28th November 2021

28th November 2021

For most of this year I became so engrossed in the Songs About Devon music project and then planning an album of South West songs that I nearly forgot about several songs I had recorded with Phil Swann and Martyn Hillstead that we had originally intended for an album project that never came to fruition. 

A few weeks ago I gave these unfinished recordings to Lord Zarquon who has been beavering away at completing them in his recording studio. A couple of these recordings have now been completed and eventually there should be enough for an album which won't be anything to do with the South West songs which I am also currently recording with Lord Zarquon. 

One of the songs is a version of a traditional folk tune/sea shanty called the Wellerman. The completon of this recording is a bit of a land mark for the Legendary Ten Seconds and is the first time that we have completed the recording of a traditional song.

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