5th May 2019

After a long delay the Mer De Mort album became available in digital format on 1st May 2019. So you can find it on itunes, Spotify, etc, even on the Japanese version of Amazon.

It's always quite exciting when Lord Z comes over on a Monday evening with one of my songs that he has finished recording and mastering. This Monday evening was a particularly good one with three tracks finished for the next albums. One is an instrumental called 'Lady of the Rivers' for the Instrumental Legends album and the other two for Devon Roses. I was especially pleased with the finished version of 'Fatal Match' with some lovely singing by Bridgit England including lots of her nice harmonies and a backing vocal sung by Jules Jones. The other song is 'Sanctuary' which I started recording several years ago and at last it is finished! I am now hoping that Lord Z can finish my songs called 'Act of Accord' and 'Duke of York's Wife'. Jules is singing the lead on both of these songs with a backing vocal sung by Bridgit on 'Act of Accord’.

By coincidence I saw Sarah Gristwood on TV this week talking about Beatrice Potter with Alan Titchmarsh. Sarah is an author who wrote a book that I read earlier this year called Blood Sisters and it was this book that gave me the lyrics for the 'Fatal Match' song. I purchased the book with a Christmas WH Smith gift card given to me by Jerry Brimicombe.

I have finished reading a book about John Howard by J Ashdown-Hill. This book gave me the idea for my song about Elizabeth Lambert. I an sent an mp3 of the song to Phil Swann (of the Estuary Buoys) to see if he might be interested in helping me with the recording of the song. He has recorded himself playing his 12 string acoustic guitar and mandolin for my song and has sent wav files of the recordings. I have been able to import these files into the Logic project of the song. I have been very impressed with his mandolin playing at the two gigs that I have seen of his band and he has told me that he also plays the bouzouki. I am always keen to record different instruments and it would be great if I could record him playing his bouzouki on one of my songs.

I am now in the process of recording a song about a science fiction story called 'The man who Evolved' which was written by Edmond Hamilton and was published in 1931 in Wonder Stories. I remember reading this story in my early teens in my Dad's car in the car park of Torquay Technical College and at the time it was the most exciting story I had ever read.

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