LTS. Pageant of Torbay - Part 2 - R11

The Pageant of Torbay - Part 2:  Catalogue number R11 Produced by Lord Z

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Track List

1. The Nuestra Senora Del Rosario
2. John Nutt
3. Cadewell House
4. The Drinking Fountains of Torquay
5. The Town of Torquay
6. The Old Torquay Fire Brigade
7. Strategies Well Planned
8. Madge's Wedding
9. Mr White's Pioneering Flight
10. Hester's Letters
11. Percy Fawcett
12. The Mysterious Affair At Styles
13. Come Celebrate
14. Dreaming of Ashfield
15. Torquay Museum
16. Cruise Ships in Torbay
17. The Torquay Pageant Part Two

Inspired by a David Hinchcliffe lecture at Torquay museum about the Torquay Pageant of 1924.

Produced and mixed by Lord Z at Otherworld Studios, Marldon Devon

Recorded in Torquay, Marldon, Kingsteignton and Madron.

All songs composed by Ian Churchward except the Torquay Pageant Part Two and the Drinking Fountains of Torquay composed by Elaine and Ian Churchward

Musical contributions from the following

Ian Churchward vocals, guitar, mellotron sounds

Lord Zarquon mellotron sounds and other keyboards, bass guitar, and drums

Guy Bolt guitar

Phil Swann bouzouki and mandolin

Graham Moores guitar

Bridgit England vocals

Elaine Churchward vocals

Rowan Curle vocals

Illustration Graham Moores

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