Devon Roses

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Devon Roses features only the female singers of The Legendary 10 Seconds

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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Devon & Cornwall branch of the Richard III Society. 
Songs recorded 2015 to 2019 at Rock Lee and Otherworld Studios

Devon Roses - A Review Of The Legendary Ten Seconds Album

Time to put on the tunics and cod-pieces, corsets and chemises, and dance around the castle to The Legendary Ten Seconds latest album.

I always enjoy being asked to review the latest offering from The Legendary Ten Seconds. Their prolific work is very supportive of the interest and enthusiasm of the branches and groups of the Richard III Society around the country. This album is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Devon and Cornwall Branch and majors on the lovely female voices of these medieval folk music specialists backed up by a comprehensive ensemble of musicians equipped with instruments that span the ages from strumming on cat gut to plucking nylon into digital gizmos.

It must be much easier to pluck a song out of the air, as Madonna or Josh Groban do, but The Legendary Ten Seconds are totally unique in doing their research and fitting all the songs to history as we know it. Once again a fascinating history lesson told in words and music. Great credit must be given to all those in the group who have sung played and composed but in particular to the composing talent of Ian Churchward.

The fifteen tracks cover a whole range of medieval history around the time of the Wars of the Roses. From the marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou, a foot tapper for silken slippers with lovely female harmonies in Fatal Match, to the magical entrapment of womaniser Edward IV by seductive Elizabeth Woodville in Charm and Grace , to the rocking guitars of Sanctuary about the birth of Edward V. The lull before the storm at Christmas 1484 as Richard enjoyed

The Minstrels did Play, a rollicky number, in smelly London. Thomas Grey fled to France in 1483 with The Month of May in a more melancholy tone. How do You Rebury a King has great guitar to accompany the hoicking out of the ground of long dead Richard III, from where he overstayed his long-stay parking ticket, to give him a much better second send-off. I particularly liked the lyrical Kings of England – the fact that Elizabeth of York knew all those kings – Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and poor little Edward V.

I only wish that Ian Churchward’s Merry Music had been around in those grim and bloody times to cheer them all up and stop them thinking about all that mayhem and murder!

So come on Legendary Ten Seconds, you’ve got some great stuff now – how about a musical? (Mama Medieval?)

The Lady Singers: Elaine Churchward, Jules Jones, Pippa West, Bridgit England, Violet Sheer, Fleur Elliot.

The Minstrels: Ian Churchward guitars, mandolin, mandola and keyboards. Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Phil Swann mandolin, 12 string acoustic guitar. Ashley Dyer trumpet. Rob Bright lead guitar.

Well done to you Medieval Music Masters; looking forward to your next album!

John Dike  Dickon Independent Issue 11


The lady singers of the Legendary Ten Seconds

Elaine Churchward vocals

Jules Jones vocals

Pippa West vocals

Bridgit England vocals

Violet Sheer backing vocal on Wife to the Kingmaker

Fleur Elliott backing vocal on Act of Accord

The minstrels of the Legendary Ten Seconds

Ian Churchward guitars, mandolin, mandola & keyboards

Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass guitar, drums & percussion

Phil Swann mandolin & 12 string acoustic guitar on The Walk of Shame

Ashley Dyer trumpet on Wife to the Kingmaker

Rob Bright lead guitar on How do you Rebury a King

  1. Fatal Match - a song about the marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou
  2. Charm and Grace - the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville
  3. Kings of England - a song about Henry VII's wife
  4. Less Fortunate Than Fair - a song about Cecily of York, the daughter of Edward IV
  5. The Duke of York's Wife - a song about Richard III's mother
  6. Sanctuary - a song about the birth of Edward V
  7. The Walk of Shame - a song about Elizabeth Lambert, mistress of Edward IV
  8. The Minstrels did Play - Christmas 1484 in the court of King Richard III
  9. How do you Rebury a King ( 2018 version ) - about the reburial of Richard III 
  10. Eleanor Talbot - a very sad song about Eleanor Talbot
  11. The Month of May - a song about the events in London in May 1483
  12. Act of Accord - a song about the defeat of Richard Duke of York at the battle of Wakefield
  13. Her Household Requires - a song about the household of Elizabeth of York
  14. I Greet you Well - correspondence between the Duke of Gloucester and his sister Margaret
  15. Wife to the Kingmaker - inspired by a novel written by Sandra Heath Wilson
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